Workmentor allows for simple management of workers on vineyards and fruit farms. It is very simple to use, with only a few minutes of training required, and saves plenty of time in worker management.

How will Workmentor help your farm?

Simple management of workers

  • Easily log worker hours and amounts picked in real time using contactless tags.
  • Know what’s going on even when you’re not at the farm.
  • Automatically generate timesheets.

Real time understanding of the key numbers in your business

  • Quickly see the breakdown of the key numbers for your operation.
  • Understand the details behind your cost of production.
  • Reduce time spent on admin with all information in one place.

Happy workers, trusted information source

  • Easy to resolve disputes with a trusted log of information.
  • Simple usability – only a few minutes training required.
  • Reduce human error and greater transparency in hours worked.

What does Workmentor provide you with?

  • Timesheets for each worker for each day, week and month – with hours broken down by type of work.

  • Calendar view of how much was harvested, by whom and when, plus total amounts for the day, week and month.

  • A second by second log of how much each worker harvested, when and who was supervising.

  • A total record of how long was spent on each task.

  • Good record of breaks to ensure workers get the rest they need.

  • Central log of information that everyone can see and trust.

  • Single entry system that works offline – so much less risk of errors in the data

  • A very simple app that any worker can use out in the field to enter information

How does it work?

1. Scan the tag in the field, check in/out worker and record amount collected.

2. Sync the smartphone when you have access to the internet

3. Access all the information about work on your farm wherever you are

What does Workmentor look like?

Using Workmentor to keep track of harvest quantities / picking by piece:

Using Workmentor to create timesheets, do budgets and manage payrolls:

Case Study: Joel Jorgensen at Vine-Works

Vine-Works provide support services to many vineyards in the UK – they use Workmentor to manage and record hours for all of their staff, across all vineyards they work with.

“All of our staff work remotely, and Workmentor has replaced the need for any physical timesheets, negated any need for double entry, streamlined our record keeping, and massively streamlined our payroll operation. We can easily solve any disputes as all hours worked are immediately available to see just by logging in to the web app. It’s much faster than our previous system, and we’ve managed to scale up our operation using Workmentor without having to hire any more admin staff, which has saved us cash – it really is a valuable tool!”

“I can look at my workers’ timesheets at a glance and double check that the hours they’re working are fair, and make sure they’re taking appropriate breaks. It’s great that Workmentor works offline as many of the locations we work at are fairly remote and don’t have a good signal. It’s very simple to use – even when there is a language barrier – it’s easy for workers to clock in and out of their work at the relevant location”

“Workmentor creates transparency in our operation, and acccurately tracks each variety and sector. Through better organisation, we’ve identified inconsistencies with our packing house which has saved us a lot of money”
Claudio Ortega – Fundo San Marcos, Chile

What is Workmentor?

Watch this short video to see Workmentor in action:

Interested in Workmentor for your farm?

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