A smart and simple solution to manage workers on your farm


Helena, at Casa Bilena, uses Workmentor to manage the workers on her 25 acres of blueberries. She says:

Helena Cherry Workmentor vidacycle tech

"With Workmentor we can effectively manage the people harvesting. We can quickly and confidently know who worked when and who harvested what. For us this data is key for traceability, pay and estimating workload."

How will Workmentor help your farm?

Simple and easy to manage your workers:

  • Know what’s going on even when you are not at the farm
  • Easy worker management system so you can scale up your business
  • Know what it really takes to produce your crop

Minimise time spent on admin:

  • Ensure your company complies with worker regulations
  • Workmentor makes it quick and easy to pay workers
  • Greatly reduce human error, information you can trust

Workers happy & trusted information source:

  • Easy to resolve disputes as there is a trusted log of information
  • Bring transparency to what’s going on in the field
  • Workmentor is simple to use, only a few minutes training is required

What is Workmentor?

1. Watch this short video to see Workmentor in action:


2. What does Workmentor provide you with?

  • Timesheets for each worker for each day, week and month with hours broken down by type of work
  • Calendar view of how much was harvested, by whom and when, plus total amounts for the day, week and month
  • A second by second log of how much each worker harvested, when and who was supervising
  • A record of how long was spent on each task
  • Good records of breaks to ensure workers get the breaks they need
  • Central log of information that everyone can see and trust
  • Single entry system, so much less risk of errors in the data
  • A very simple app that any worker can use out in the field to enter information


3. How does it work?


Case Studies - how are farmers using it?

Viveros Sunnyridge Blueberries Workmentor

Marcela and Jorge used paper and poker chips to record the harvest but they recently switched to Workmentor to record how much each worker picked. Their workers love it, as do they! It saves them lots of time and makes it easier to pay workers. They have many fewer errors than before, plus it's easy to sort any disputes because they have a trusted record of everything that happened.

Viveros Sunnyridge, 15 acres blueberries, O'Higgins Region, Chile

Gillmore Winery Workmentor

Daniella has been using Workmentor to record how much each worker harvested. With this year's data she is very happy because she can see the amount of grapes from each plot, how quickly they were picked and what it really costs to make each wine.

Gillmore Winery, 25 acres vines, Maule Valley, Chile



People already using it say...

It is friendly, easy to record information and easy for a person without previous training to use.
I like it and it has been a positive contribution to us.   
— Daniella Gillmore,  Farm Manager Gillmore Winery, Chile
The system is stable and trustworthy. I can be much calmer because now I know how much was harvested, when it was harvested and by whom, which is so important. It gives the workers confidence and it gives us confidence. It’s very simple, I explained to 4 or 5 workers how to use it and they are using it now, no problem.

— Esteban, Worker Manager, Blueberry Farm, Chile

Interested in this for your farm?

Only pay the months you use Workmentor. Prices are based on no. of workers in order to ensure a fair price for all size farms. Please contact us for exact prices.