We love working with fellow independent farmers.
Let’s grow sustainably.

We are farmers

Our family farm 12 hectares in Chile. As fellow farmers we fully understand the joys of farming and the difficulties. We also understand we all need to have diversified, resilient farming businesses. We created these apps originally for our own farm. After talking to neighbours we realised that no one is making digital tools for farms like ours. So we started to share what we made with farmers in Chile and then in the UK, where half of the family (and much of our small team) are based.

We enable independent farmers with digital tools

We aren’t talking Artificial Intelligence, robots and drones. Yes, they may be useful in a more distant future but there are super simple digital tools we can use today that can revolutionise the opportunities for independent farmers like ourselves.
We want to ensure that independent farms continue to thrive in this increasingly digital world, and can take advantage of the amazing opportunities to be connected, learn together and collect data for our own farms to make better informed choices going forward. We believe that the act of observation and insights from the data we collect can help build ecology, profitability and beauty on farms around the world.

We want independent farming to thrive.

The team


Abby studied physics and then art/design. She spent some time working on her family’s farm in Chile and ever since has had a deep kinship with the land, balanced with the weight of the perpetual risks and unknowns. Not long after, she got back into coding and through conversations with her dad, Tom, developed software initially for his farm, then his neighbours and now for smaller scale farmers. Abby loves to code but her niche lies in the ability to work closely with the people who use these systems, to create something that works for them. Abby is committed to supporting the farming community to thrive and so also makes a podcast, Farmerama, sharing the voices of farmers. Read some of her thoughts here.


Inti grew up travelling the world with his parents settling a couple of times though the years. First in a community in Brazil where much of the food was sustainably grown & tended on shared plots. A few years later his parents moved to the amazon rainforests of Peru and worked to protect an area of 10,000 hectares of virgin rainforest from illegal logging and deforestation. During all this time his parents had a vegetable garden which he spent many hours helping on. All this to say that he feels strongly about small scale farming using methods that are regenerative and will feed and protect the planet for generations to come.


Tom started his working life as a furniture maker/carpenter, has built many passive solar houses, and spent many years running a CAD/CAM textiles/surface design software company. In the mid 2000s he finally returned to his true passion, sustainable food and farming and started an olive farm in Chile. Farming on a small scale has been full of ups and downs but the need for a way to keep track of what was going on out in the fields became clear if the business was going to work, and so vidacycle tech was born.


Annie leads community development for Vidacycle. She is interested in how regenerative agriculture practises can help farm businesses become more resilient, including her own family’s mixed beef and arable farm.


Biel studied environmental science and then data science. Born and raised in Mallorca he has always been in contact with the traditional farming community on the south of the island. Biel is constantly curious about ecology and our human relationship with nature, and is working to ensure how technology can improve this. After spending 4 years as a researcher in the statistics department of the University of Barcelona and in a computational toxicology group in the Pompeu Fabra University, Biel is now a software developer at Vidacycle.


Eliza grew up on the Groundswell farm, where she became fascinated with the natural world and how to preserve it. She studied Zoology to learn more about conservation, and since graduating has re-focused her attention to learning about regenerating the soil and increasing on-farm biodiversity.

We also work with a number of awesome freelancers in design, UX and communications.