Slow solar pumps

We offer the full range of Dankoff Solar Pumps to be used in a wide variety of applications. All installations incorporate solar panels, a solar pump and a controller with other details varying depending on the specific situation. This pdf shows a simple diagram illustrating one use of this technology. We can help provide appropriate systems for specific situations of solar pumping.

Case Study: See how one farm only uses solar pumps to move all their water around the farm

Solar pumping system diagram (pdf)


Passive solar hot water

We provide passive solar hot water systems – they do not have any pumps – which allows a simple, almost maintenance free hot water system. These panels will provide hot water needs 80% of the time (depending on location) hence this system is easily integrated with other heating sources to guarantee access to hot water all the time.

Case Study: Read more about Fundo Meza not needing a boiler as all their hot water is solar heated 

Solar hot water system diagram (pdf)


Solar PV

We provide both on-grid and off-grid solar PV solutions. Off-grid solutions are aimed at locations where users are independent of the grid – they involve solar PV panels with batteries for storing energy plus a generator to provide back up energy when needed. On-grid solutions provide the capability to sell back excess energy generated through solar PV to the grid.

Case study: Read more about how Wincayaren Hostel now have no electricity bills...

On-grid solar PV diagram (pdf)

Off-grid solar PV diagram (pdf)


Know your weather

We use and supply (in Chile) the Rainwise weather station, it allows you to:

  • Have a complete history of all weather factors on your farm.
  • Better manage you water program with accurate knowledge of soil moisture and temperature.
  • Receive email alarms when user defined weather conditions occur on your farm.
  • Compare graphically and numerically the year on year, month on month and day on day weather data from your farm.
  • Simple and easy to install and dependable online data available by app or any internet browser.
  • Up to 1 km line of sight transmission of weather stations on your farm.
  • Multiple weather stations to record and confirm varying conditions on your farm.
  • Leaf wetness, solar radiance, growing degree units all are recorded along with rainfall, pressure, humidity, dew point, air temperature, and wind plus additional options can be added.


Tell me more...

Whatever type of farming you do, the weather is an important and unpredictable factor. Even though we can’t predict how much rain will fall we have found it really helpful to know precisely how much rain did fall last week, or just how long was it below freezing last night. Since we installed a Rainwise weather station we have that information and we can react appropriately and look after the farm more efficiently. We can now make sure our trees are well looked after in their ever-changing climatic conditions. In the summer as the soil gets drier we know when to start watering thanks to the soil moisture monitor. 

We chose the Rainwise weather system because it is produced by an employee-owned company, it’s good value for money, very reliable and easy to setup. Plus, it doesn’t require an internet connection in the field which is extremely important for us as we don’t have any signal in the fields!

Interested in this for your farm?

Then please contact us with any questions and we will be happy to chat more about what could work for your farm.

We supply Rainwise equipment to Chile and South America. If you are based elsewhere then check the Rainwise site for your nearest distributor.