1.Tools to sell direct, a community of resourceful technologies and more...

Our aim is that at least one of these tools will be interesting or useful to you in your smaller-scale farming pursuits and if you have any suggestions or something we should put on here then please do send it our wayhere. You can also read more about our harvest helper app, our simple simple way to track whats going on in your fields, our favourite weather station and our solar pumping solutions. Read more about who we are more generally on tech.vidacycle.com

Food Assembly– a series of farmers markets run by local people where everything is pre-bought online so the farmer/grower knows exactly what they need to harvest.


The setup means that the farmer gets 83.3% of the amount they sell, the people running the local food assembly get 8.35% and then The Food Assembly website gets 8.35%. It seems to be a very effective model that works well for both the buyer and grower because the weekly assembly markets still provide an opportunity to meet in person and build up trust and rapport between the people growing and eating the food. As a farmer/grower all you need to do is add information about what you will have available to buy each week onto the Food Assembly shop and then turn up with the pre-ordered goods at the weekly Food Assembly market. This model has been working for a while in France and is becoming more and more popular in the UK. You can find out more here.

Farmhack– a worldwide community of farmers that build and modify our own tools


Farmhack.org is a great online resource with many different ideas for tools from farmers across the world including moveable landworkers’ cabins, root washers and DIY animal weighing scales, there really is all sorts on there. Often the ideas are incredibly resourceful and perfect alternatives for smallerscale farmers. Everything on there is ‘open-source’ which means that you can see all the documentation of how it was made and therefore easily make it yourself, or sometimes people sell the final product as well if you don’t want to make it yourself. It is also a great community to be part of, organising regular meetups between farmers, and often technologists, to share ideas and work together.

iLevel  – easily monitor your tank levels remotely so you never run out of water, fuel etc


iLevel can be hooked up to measure the level of any type of liquid in a tank. It then reports back the information to an app on your computer or phone so you can easily see when you may be running low, or if there is a problem. We can see it would be useful on our farm in Chile because we are constantly monitoring the levels of our water tanks.

That's all for this month. Hope those resources were interesting and if you have any feedback please do let us know! Or if you want to know more about tools we use then check out tech.vidacycle.com and find out more about our farm here.
Til next month... Abby and team