Surviving the fire and the power of community

Being an independent and smaller-scale farmer doesn't always look that easy and we have been a bit quiet since a fire swept through our farm and charred everything.
The more time we spend on the farm, the more we want to feel part of a wider community of independent farmers, both locally and around the world.

We remain after the fire, and the rains have brought some green back to the land - it is amazing to watch the natural world recover... and funnily enough most of our RFID tags we use to record data survived the fire!

We now must wait and are focused on building up our soil... in the meantime we enjoy seeing the faces and farms of others and knowing that we can all work together to create a thriving independent farming sector. So part of the tech and tools newsletter & blog going forward will be about sharing these faces and voices, an echo of what Abby helps create with Farmerama. If you haven't listened to the latest podcast yet then do tune in here, it's all about a farming sector built on beauty and business.