Case Study: Marcela & Jorge use Workmentor to save time and better manage their workers

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Marcela and Jorge run a family business growing and propagating blueberries and other fruits in the Central Region, Chile. They always used paper and poker chips to record the harvest but they recently switched to Workmentor to record how much each worker picked. Their workers love it, as do they! It saves them lots of time and makes it easier to pay workers. They have many fewer errors than before, plus it's easy to sort any disputes because they have a trusted record of everything that happened.

They are also starting to use Workmentor to manage their day to day timesheets as it’s an easy way for workers to log their hours on the go and record how long they spend on each task which is key for pay, understanding production costs and estimating workload. This is a new feature we have created to better support worker-farmer relationships and smooth administration.

Here is what Benjamin the blueberries manager has to say about using Workmentor:

"It saved me hours and hours of time as I can quickly and easily see amounts every week for every person. It's a very systematic way of getting data, there is not much room for mistakes. There is good traceability of who did what and when. We use it with no trouble at all with our regular workers and get good feedback from people that they trust the system. For example, we had a difference in kg between what one worker thought they had picked and what we thought they had picked. To resolve this we went and looked through Workmentor, it was clear minute by minute who had harvested what so we added it up there and she went away happy." 

Interested in how this could work for you, you can read more about it here, or contact us here

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