What is Sectormentor?

Watch this video for a quick overview of why we created Sectormentor and how it works:

How will Sectormentor help your farm?

Help you make informed decisions:

  • Have up-to-date information about your crop this year
  • Use the data from this year and previous years, combined with your knowledge and experience, to make more informed decisions
  • Use Sectormentor to record careful observations which allows you to catch problems early.

Quick and easy information gathering:

  • The apps just have a few big buttons so anyone can add information easily
  • Contactless tags make adding information very easy
  • Paperless record keeping

Build a resilient business handed down from generation to generation:

  • Really learn what works and doesn’t work on your farm with a good set of historical evidence
  • Anyone can know exactly what happened to a crop
  • All data collected is easy for anyone to look at and understand, unlike info in soggy notebooks

“I’m not into new technology, but Sectormentor is a really easy system to use. It’s labelled really clearly and there are only a few options, so you know what you are doing and can enter your data in quickly. No complications.”
Ben, Assistant Winemaker, Davenport Vineyards, East Sussex

What does Sectormentor provide you with?

In the field:

  • Easily add any info & photos in a few seconds. Use RFID tags to quickly identify a location
  • Very customisable setup, so you record exactly what you want
  • Works offline, you don’t need WIFI or 3G to record data
  • Requires very little training – just a few pointers and you are off
  • You can record information on different scales: so by row, or tree, or at the field-level etc.
  • Single entry system – greatly reduces human error and provides information you can trust

Back at the office:

  • Have all your photos and records in one place
  • Graphs for easy analysis and to draw out insights from your data
  • Download your data into spreadsheets for further analysis
Farmer’s use photos to record issues with frost damage and disease pressures.
This graph shows the health of vines grouped by variety, in the second week of September.
A view of the dashboard where you access all your data and photos collected in the field.
This graph helps determine when to harvest different varieties, showing how grape sugar increases over time.

Interested in this for your farm?

We aim to price Sectormentor so that it’s fair for all size farms. Please contact us for exact prices.