Want to build ecology, profitability (and beauty) on your farm?

For Vines
For Trees/Fruit

How will Sectormentor help your farm?

Help you make informed decisions:

  • Have up-to-date information about your crop this year
  • Use the data from this year and previous years, combined with your knowledge and experience, to make more informed decisions
  • Use Sectormentor to record careful observations which allows you to catch problems early.

Quick and easy information gathering:

  • The apps just have a few big buttons so anyone can add information easily
  • Contactless tags make adding information very easy
  • Paperless record keeping

Build a resilient business handed down from generation to generation:

  • Really learn what works and doesn’t work on your farm with a good set of historical evidence
  • Anyone can know exactly what happened to a crop
  • All data collected is easy for anyone to look at and understand, unlike info in soggy notebooks

Interested in this for your farm?

For Vines
For Trees/Fruit