Sectormentor for Trees helps you manage the health of your trees, and the soils beneath them!

How can Sectormentor for Trees help your farm?

Quick and easy data entry

  • Scan tags on your trees with your phone 
  • Add photos and observations with date and location
  • GPS location feature allows for easy mapping of your trees
  • All data saved offline until you reach WiFi

Plan ahead for the years to come

  • Simple graphs created from your farm’s data 
  • Observe the effects of different treatments on trees
  • Easily track disease or pest pressure with searchable records of your trees

Monitor your soil health

  • Try out our soil tests beneath your trees
  • Gain insight into the effects of soil health on your trees

Using Sectormentor to scan a tag on an olive tree

“I know that block 3 is full of cherry trees, so looking at the graph is an easy way for me to see that the cherry grafting didn’t go well this spring, and that we’ll need to plan accordingly. I like that we can choose to look at a variable by block, species, or variety, depending on what we want the graph to tell us.”

-Ellie, Merry Lea Farm

How does it work?

Interested in Sectormentor for Trees for your farm?

We aim to price Sectormentor so that it’s fair for all size farms. Please contact us for exact prices.