A smart and simple solution to know important information from the field

Some farmers have collected information for years on paper and then entered it in a spreadsheet back at home, or tried to find that information again in endless notebooks. Many others saw this as too time-consuming, it just wasn’t worth it! With our system that is no longer true - it is now so quick to collect information that it is worth it for everyone.


Sectormentor For Soils: is a version of Sectormentor for monitoring soil health. Click here to find out more.


Will, at Davenport Vineyards, uses Sectormentor to manage his 23 acres of vines. He says:

“Sectormentor helps us run our business effectively. It’s a management tool for out in the field, the more data I have about what’s going on in the vineyard the better I can do my job. We use it to record things like flowers per vine which gives us an early prediction of yields. It’s simple, you just record the things you need.”

How will Sectormentor help your farm?

Help you make informed decisions:

  • Have up-to-date information about your crop this year
  • Use the data from this year and previous years, combined with your knowledge and experience, to make more informed decisions
  • Use Sectormentor to record careful observations which allows you to catch problems early.

Build a resilient business handed down from generation to generation:

  • Really learn what works and doesn't work on your farm with a good set of historical evidence 
  • Anyone can know exactly what happened to a crop in its lifetime
  • All data collected is easy for anyone to look at and understand, unlike info in soggy notebooks

Easy and simple information gathering:

  • The apps just have a few big buttons so anyone can add information easily
  • RFID tags make adding information very easy
  • All information is understandable and easily analysed as you determine what is recorded


How can Sectormentor help on-farm trials and research?

Sectormentor is also coming in handy as part of on-farm research and trials across groups of farms, from soil-sampling to agroforestry it can help everyone collect information and learnings that can easily be combined to help create a consistent and reliable data set, perfect to find patterns between multiple farms. Read how the PFLA is using Sectormentor for their on-farm soil health trials.

What is Sectormentor?

1. Watch this video for a quick overview of why we created Sectormentor and how it works (and read below for new features we have added):

Extra tip: You don't need RFID tags on every plant. e.g. Davenport Vineyards only use around 50 RFID tags for 20,000 vines. 

2. What does Sectormentor provide you with?

In the field:


Farmer's use photos to record issues observed out in the field, such as frost damage & disease plus ripening progression, flower cover, and more.

  • Easily add any info & photos in a few seconds. Use RFID tags to quickly identify a location
  • Very customisable setup, so you record exactly what you want
  • Works offline, you don’t need WIFI or 3G to record data
  • Requires very little training - just a few pointers and you are off
  • You can record information on different scales: so by row, or tree, or at the field-level etc.
  • Single entry system - greatly reduces human error and provides information you can trust

Back at the office:

  • Have all your photos and records in one place
  • Graphs for easy analysis and to draw out insights from your data (examples here)
  • Download your data into spreadsheets for further analysis

This graph shows the health of vines grouped by variety, in the second week of September.

 A view of the dashboard where you access all your data and photos collected in the field.

A view of the dashboard where you access all your data and photos collected in the field.

3. How does it work?

4. Now available on both iOS and Android!

Case Studies - how are different farmers using it?

Copy of Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 17.51.28 (1).png


The team record the pruning weights from sample vines to determine how vigorous growth is. Back in the office they use Sectormentor to look at weights to decide if they need a second pruning, or if they should add more compost in specific areas. Good data, combined with their years of knowledge, ensures they do all they can to produce high quality organic grapes. Read more here.

Davenport vineyards, 25 acres, East Sussex, UK


Soil Health

The PFLA (Pasture Fed Livestock Association), and soils advisor Niels Corfield, are working with farmers to develop simple on-farm soil assessment, so farmer's can judge their own soil health. They use Sectormentor so that farmers find it easy to record all this data. Ian Boyd, pictured here, was the first farmer to start using this. Read more here.

Lower Whittington Lodge Farm, 300 acres, mixed arable, Cotswolds, UK

vidacycle sectormentor olives tech

Olive Trees

Each year after the frost a few hundred olive trees would dieback, but we didn't know if it was the same ones each year - we were paralysed to help the trees. Thanks to Sectormentor we now have 2 years of data for each tree and are using it to help us decide how to prune and care for trees on a tree-by-tree basis.

vidacycle, 8000 olive trees, Maule Valley, Chile

davenport vineyards sectormentor tech

Will Davenport and his team have been collecting data for years but it was confined to scruffy notebooks and only typed up a few months later. Last year he used Sectormentor to record number of flowers per vine in early June, and that same day he had what turned out to be pretty accurate prediction of his yield 5 months before harvest, helping him plan and have his harvest run smoothly.

Davenport vineyards, 25 acres vines, East Sussex, UK


People already using it say...

Anyone can enter information about what’s been done and anyone can see what has been done, so it’s not reliant on a manager.
— Will Davenport, Vintner at Davenport Vineyards, UK
I’m not into new technology, but Sectormentor is a really easy system to use. It’s labelled really clearly and there are only a few options, so you know what you are doing and can enter your data in quickly. No complications.
— Ben, Assistant Vineyard Manager, Davenport Vineyards, East Sussex

Interested in this for your farm?

We aim to price Sectormentor so that it's fair for all size farms. Please contact us for exact prices.