How we use data

Vidacycle Ltd are committed to building useful tools while keeping your data secure. We use third party services to run our websites, make our apps available to everyone, keep in touch with people and understand how we can do those things better. Many of those services collect some data about people who are interested in our apps, visit our website or work with us.

Here you can find out what those services are, how we use them and how we store the information they collect. If you have any questions, or want to know more about data we might have collected about you, email

Services powering our websites and apps

We track visitors to our websites using Google Analytics, which logs a visitor’s activity on our website: we then use this to work out how we can improve the site. We store the data collected indefinitely, so we can see how use of our website changes over time. We chose Google Analytics because it is simple to set up and is a standard tool.

We run our Soilmentor, Sectormentor, Workmentor and community websites on servers owned by Digital Ocean. We chose them because we control the servers and their location. We use servers based in London and New York as this gives us the best balance of speed and simplicity. You can read about Digital Ocean’s approach to customer data and their privacy policy here.

We run our techSectormentor and Soilmentor websites on servers owned by Siteground. We chose them because they give us great control and make it simple to set up our public facing sites.

We make our apps available though the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. This, again is the standard way of making apps easily accessible to everyone. These app stores record information about how many people have installed each version of the apps as well as what devices are being used. None of this is personally identifiable. You can read more on their privacy policies, Apple’s privacy policy, Google’s privacy policy.

We host videos using Vimeo and Youtube, because their infrastructure is better suited to delivering video content than our own. Using Vimeo and Youtube also allows us to edit to content of a video without breaking copies embedded on other websites. You can read Vimeo’s privacy policy here and Youtube’s privacy approach here and their privacy policy here.


We maintain our mailing lists using a service called Zoho. We use Zoho because it gives us a simple way to store information about all our contacts & customers. Besides storing subscribers’ contact details, Zoho tracks whether an email has been opened, bounced from a recipient or been marked as spam.

Our social media accounts

We use several social media accounts to share our tools as well as interesting stories from our network. At the moment, this includes;

We occasionally use the analytics tools provided by these platforms to understand how we can use them better.

Internal tools

Apart from these, we use a number of online tools internally to help us manage the business, the development of our products and communication within the team. These include Slack, Trello, Stripe, Github, Crashlytics, Firebase, Sentry, Google Drive.
We strive not to store personal information in these tools.