We’re looking for a UX/UI Designer

We want to have an excellent UX/UI designer in our team who is excited to join us on a journey to empowering the farming community to build a better future for us all.

Our USP is that we have a brilliantly simple user experience – software that is easy to use and delivers real value helping people build ecology, profitability and beauty on their farms. In the last year we have been focused on gaining more customers and growing, so we have slightly lost sight of this core value.

Important qualities/skills:

  • Strong design background

  • Attention to detail

  • Strong emphasis on learning from user research

  • Good listening skills

  • Able to speak good english

  • Flexible working style, self-motivated, good communicator

  • Understand priorities, we are a small team so can’t deliver on everything immediately. Being able to discern priorities and biggest wins is vital.

Looking for:

part time committed freelancer — 1 day a week, potentially going up to 2

To get an idea of the process we generally aim to follow –> see below a general outline of how we work together as a team through a UX design journey… This is by no means prescriptive, but just so you can see how we have been working, and of course we don’t go through every phase for every project!

– Template for UX/UI projects –

  1. Background Research

Research and current status:

  • current user journey

  • analysis of potential problems

  • comparison with a number of similar apps, what works or doesn’t work with them, in particular looking at their process maps

Part A: Testing Content and General User Flow

  1. Paper prototype

  • first prototype – very rough, feedback from team

  • proposals to change current user journey, what needs to change?

  • at least 3-5 versions of the idea presented

  1. Low Fidelity prototype 1 (flow and content focus)

  • proposed user journey, at least 3 versions

  • second prototype, at least 2 options to try out – low fidelity, share with end users

  • feedback loop

  • go back to similar services, how does this feed in? 

  • share learnings with whole team at this point

  1. Low Fidelity prototype 2

  • proposed user journey, updated

  • third prototype, at least 2 options to try out – low fidelity, share with end users

  • feedback loop

  • go back to similar services, how does this feed in?

Output from part A

Output: Learnings so far, proposed user journey and low fidelity prototype. User flow and type of content included mainly finalised.

At this point we are confident on the user journey we want to create, and the flow of any proposed change to the app.

NB: user journey always extends far beyond the task at hand…it’s the journey of the user, and all their touch points (both internal and external) that are to do with this project, not just the part of the software journey that we are very specifically focusing on for a particular project.

Part B: Testing UI, features, details of the flow and actual content

  1. High Fidelity prototype 1 (UI and content focus)

  • go back to similar systems and app from research, what worked about UI?

  • first prototype with proposed UI, at least two options to try out – share with end users

About Us

Abby and Inti are co-founders. Abby’s family have a small farm in Chile – we made this software for her family farm originally but now have over 100 farms in UK, US and Chile using our software. We make practical digital tools, nothing fancy, just something that really works out in the field and quickly turns data collected into insights – a tool that makes smaller-scale farms better able to thrive!

We have a small team of 3 full timers and 3 part-timers who mainly work remotely (based in London and Barcelona), we do daily check ins on Slack when we are working and our monthly retrospectives are very important when we all call in. We use OKRs (objective key results) to guide our company strategy in order to empower everyone to do what they think is best to achieve our goals. We also have a strong focus on building ecology, profitability and beauty in our own lives!


Would you like to join our team? Drop us an email – info@vidacycle.com