Good News: Workmentor now available on ANDROID! :)

Good News: Workmentor now available on ANDROID! :)

Good News: Workmentor now available on ANDROID! :) 631 334 vidacycle apps

We worked closely with a Chilean team to develop the Android version of the Workmentor app. It’s almost exactly the same as the iOS app, just a bit more swish looking. Our brilliant head of tech, Inti, made it all happen.

As long as your phone has an NFC reader (check this list) workers can check in and out seamlessly, selecting the specific task they are working on at anytime..

If you aren’t sure about Workmentor then ask yourself: Do you want to have a good level of trust with your workers? Want to cut down the amount of time your company spends managing workers? Want to know exactly how much time it takes to manage each crop? Workmentor provides all of this and more. Read more about it here, or contact us here to find out more.

We have many farms of all different sizes using our simple app in the UK, US and Chile. It’s a system we developed on our farm, so it is very easy for anyone on the farm to use it and made to work out in the field.

With Workmentor you can easily manage workers to know exactly what happens in harvest, including how much is harvested, as well as generate timesheets for day-to-day tasks all year round.

What you get with Workmentor:

  • Timesheets for each worker for each day, week and month with hours broken down by type of work
  • Calendar view of how much was harvested, by whom and when, plus total amounts for the day, week and month
  • A second by second log of how much each worker harvested, when and who was supervising
  • A record of how long was spent on each task
  • Good records of breaks to ensure workers get the breaks they need
  • Central log of information that everyone can see and trust
  • Single entry system, so much less risk of errors in the data
  • A very simple app that any worker can use out in the field to enter information

Are you interested in using Workmentor with your workers? Get in touch or find out more here. We are here to support fellow farmers and producers like ourselves and look forward to hearing from you!