We are a family farm (those are our olive trees below). We are proud to support fellow independent farmers around the world by sharing some great tools we have developed.

We have developed systems so you can use your smartphone, paired with electronic tags, to quickly and easily monitor your soils, fruits, vines and more on your farm.


Our Products:

Watch this short video to find out what we do and why...

Our Farm:

Ten years ago the vidacycle family started farming 12 hectares in the Maule Valley, Chile, a new adventure after many years in the UK. We farm olives, grapes and grow all our own fruit and veg using a combination of permaculture and organic principles. Everything we do is to ensure smaller-scale and family farms flourish. Find out more about our farm, vidacycle, click here.

Over the years we found and created some tools that help us farm effectively, vidacycle tech is all about sharing those tools with fellow farmers.


Our clients:

Some of the vineyards, blueberry growers, olive oil producers and more that we are working with...


'Through careful monitoring, Tom, is able to chart the health of his land and the effects of his decision making, which in turn influence the next round of decisions. But like an aikido master, he relies as much on his experience, intuition, and well-honed skills as on any particular set of data. It is part science (monitoring), part experience (planning) and part "feel" (intuition) rolled together into a skill set that is visibly successful – just like a great aikido performance.'

a description of one farmer's art of farming from Grass, Soil, Hope by Courtney White.




Additional Products:

Weather Station

Fit your farm with a simple Rainwise weather station to know exactly how much rain you got, the soil & air temperature, sunlight levels and so much more.

Design Renewable Systems

We use a combination of passive solar hot water, solar pumps, and wind pumps to provide all our water needs on our farm. We design all our systems with two basic principles in mind: pump to gravity and use photovoltaics directly, no batteries required.

We have some great hardware tools we use to ensure a more resilient farm.

Why do we do this?

We are a small team committed to a positive ecological future for the earth and the many people living on it. Farming and farmers are central to this future. This is why we support fellow farmers to build resilient farming operations that embrace the many highs and lows, risks and rewards of working with the natural world. We are not dogmatic in believing that a certain approach is right, but we do believe that observing and learning from the natural world is often an excellent guiding principle for effective farming methods that benefit people, the earth and ensure a profitable business.

We also share great tech and tools we have come across along the way...

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We are committed to a world where independent farming thrives.

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